Thursday, April 19, 2018

Today on 19.4.2018...

I never knew before that the worries of a mother can stretch as vast as the ocean, until I become one myself. Before, my daily routine consists mainly of work and what-to-eat for lunch and dinner, where to chill on TGIFs. Given my 天塌下来,用被盖-mentality, WORRY doesn't seem to even strike me at any time.

I always believe that things around me happen for a reason and whatever that is placed upon me, it is God's work and it is meant to make me LEARN and become a STRONGER person; for my family, for myself. 

The day WORRY came visiting, was the day I realize there is a little precious one in me. Every step I took, every meal I ate, even my sleeping posture became A BIG DEAL overnight. I worry about baby's growth development; I think those were the time I talked to God most 😆. The same kind of worry repeated when I was carrying my second little precious. And the worries went on to the next level when they are unwell, when they fall, etc..

Walking their childhood journey with them, all by myself, was the toughest yet the most fulfilling periods of my life; especially when they were merely 20-months apart. Many asked me "How did you do it?" - that was a GOOD question! 

Becoming a mother myself has made me re-think about my life. Going back to as far as my childhood time, tertiary journeys, rebellious periods and OL days. Re-visiting the different stages of my life made me realize my strengths and weaknesses. It was like an eye-opening and it felt like I finally began to understand WHO I REALLY AM. And I started to think about WHAT I CAN DO, to improve on myself so that I can help my girls to achieve their brighter journeys. 

Today on 19.4.2018...I would say my biggest worry for the girls is their safety. When Singapore seems to be a safe country (compared to others), it doesn't seems so anymore. There have been cases of e-scooters knocking down on little children and elderly. Just 2 days ago, there were a video that was circulating on social media and whatsapp, about a school girl who got hit by a car while crossing the road - my heart almost stopped! And another one - an elderly man who was walking at a carpark and was hit by a reversing taxi. Paranoid - YES, this is the word now. 

All mishaps could have been avoided - can it? can it not?? It is no more about teaching them the safety rules when crossing the roads. I even have to get them to watch out for scooters or e-scooters or bicycles when we walk our from our lifts, leading to the walkways UNDER OUR VOID DECK! There have been a few accidents AT the zebra crossing near our block. Some of the drivers don't even bother to slow down at zebra crossings - perhaps it is time to install cctv at ALL pedestrian crossings?

I am a driver myself. I understand that when I am taking the wheel, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of myself, those in my car, and also the pedestrians. 

For drivers: 
IF YOU ARE IN A RUSH, DON'T DRIVE (because you are risking another person's life and you won't know until it happens).

For pedestrians: 


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Today on 11.4.2018...

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Waking up with a heavy-head is the last thing every mother look forward to. Especially for those who needs to rush their kids to school before heading to work themselves.

Today, I woke up with one but the early morning rush of preparing breakfast and getting the girls ready still continues. Lucky for me is I have already stopped working 😉 ; oh ya, I have stopped my Kindy-job and now back to being a Full-Time SAHM again. Yes, AGAIN 😆. Why do I stop since my younger girl is in Primary One now. Well, when the time comes and I think I need to stop, I stop ~ it is just this simple. Financially ok, not ok? That has never come into my mind in whatever decisions I need to make; we are NOT RICH. Rather, the word 'Sacrifices' calls for us. Everyone works and lives differently, we decides and choose what is best for us. Every morning is a blessing now that I get to take breakfast with Aaron before he leaves for work and on some days, I catch-up with friends over breakfast - all these I never had time to do for the past 3 years.

Back to where I started ~ heavy-headed. It could be due to the natural sauna environment we have in Singapore or the second-most anticipated period has come ~ SA1 😅 ! I still remember I was an extreme student who loves exam periods during my school days - CRAZY right? Yeah, that's me. And now, not just one but BOTH my girls are taking their SA1, commencing next week! Yes, I'm excited too! So excited that it took me TWO days to work out their exam preparation, taking into consideration to give Alexis FREE time on her CCA days and the days she have piano lessons. Not forgetting that Saturdays are also meant to be a RELAX day too -  "striking a balance in work and play" is always rooted in my mind.

When you are the designated person who takes care of household, daily meals, their well-being AND when you are also are their TUTOR for all subjects, this is really NO JOKE. Again, this is my choice. Most importantly, I am happy doing what I am doing.

Mommies, the time has come; it always will come 😆. Let's embrace it, have fun battling it together with our kids and 加油🙆!
Today on 11.4.2018...I woke up with a heavy-head, yet I am feeling happy because I am back on my blog once again 💖.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Today on 07.4.2018...A foody-day Saturday at CitySquare

There are days when I am just so lazy to whip up just the simplest meal, these are the days when we will step out of the house, take a slow stroll to the nearby shopping mall and simply indulge ourselves with whatever we can find.

Today, after the girls' swimming lesson at APS. We head down to City Square mall for our lunch. We went to Chick-a-boo, ordered our sets and took some funny shots while waiting.

The sets come with three sides of our choice and I will give a SUPER LIKE  for the chicken. 
Which flavor did I gobbled? Of course SPICY for me! 😏

After our finger-licking-good lunch, we walked around and Daddy said: why don't we have our early dinner here too 😤 ?!!! I think he must be on a eating mood. We walked in Decathlon, Daiso, "K"rafers' Paradise  (Art Supplies), and soon it was 5pm! 

We stopped in front of a newly-opened cafe, The Lazy Garden. They were having a 1-for-1 promotion on mains and so we decided to give it a try!

The girls were thrilled when their sets were served to them in cute mickey-shaped plates (apologies, I simply couldn't adjust the photo proper! 😡

We were satisfied with the food, price was reasonable too and staffs were attentive to our needs; another LIKE given today!